A Typical Day for the Two's

  • A Typical Day for the Two's

    In our “Two Terrific” classes, parents can choose from three class options, which all consist of two-hour sessions. The two-hour format is just right for children in this age group, who are in a magical age of discovery. Students will learn fundamental concepts while still having fun.

    Daily Activities:
    • Center time
    • Storytime
    • A nut-free snack
    • Movement
    • Arts & Crafts
  • Plus, Weekly/Bi-weekly Activities for the Two’s:
  • 5 Day Program:
    •  Yoga
    • Music
    • French and Spanish Combination
  • 3 Day Program:
    •  Yoga
    • Music
    • Available in Spanish Only
  • 2 Day Program:
    • Music
    • One Language
    • Choose French or Spanish