About Us

  • About "Two Terrific"

    Welcome, Bienvenidos, and Bienvenue to “Two Terrific,” our new play-based, alternative pre-school program!

    Developed by the same early childhood professionals who brought you the Language Workshop for Children, “Two Terrific” is the perfect place for your child to develop in a holistic and fun way, while also learning new language skills. “Two Terrific” will prepare your child for top New York City preschools, kindergartens, and beyond!


  • Give your child a head start to reading with “Two Terrific”

    Is it ever too early to build literacy skills within your child, or teach him/her a new language? At “Two Terrific,” we don’t think so! Helping your child become a strong reader early on and strengthening his/her listening skills in language and music are great ways to prepare him/her for New York City’s most competitive schools. Experts agree that learning to read, speak new languages, or develop a musical ear comes most easily to children in the period from birth to age four. During this time, children can effortlessly absorb the rules of grammar and phonics, build expansive vocabularies, recognize musical patterns, and learn to love reading!

    About Our Educational Team:

    All activities are supervised by our Director, who has a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education. Music and yoga teachers are certified in their respective fields, and language teachers are native speakers who hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree, and who are trained in the The Thibaut Technique® for language instruction.

    About The Language Workshop for Children (LWFC):

    The Language Workshop for Children’s Director/Founder François Thibaut invented the enriched play method to teach French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese to kids. Since 1973 his internationally-recognized LWFC has offered stimulating language lessons for babies, toddlers and elementary grades.

    The Thibaut Technique®, the LWFC’s unique method, has been featured in many news programs and periodicals, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and New York Magazine. For many years Mr. Thibaut’s “French Workshop for Children” was a popular feature on WNYC. More recently, CNN’s “Parenting Today” called Mr. Thibaut “one of a very few experts in teaching languages to small children.