Our Philosophy

  • Our philosophy: developing the whole child through play.

  • “Two Terrific” is a play-based preschool alternative that will develop the whole child—intellectually, emotionally, linguistically, and physically. We believe, with psychologist and educational theorist Jean Piaget, that “play is the work of childhood.” Our program, which combines free play with structured activities and routines, is the perfect way to prepare your child for preschool while also nurturing her innate curiosity and creativity.

    Your child will benefit from all the features of a typical American preschool, while also receiving the best language instruction from LWFC’s professional language teachers. She will have the chance to learn from her peers, her teachers, and enrichment instructors. This program will truly enrich your child’s daily life at home and outside of school.

    Early childhood professionals and experts in music, art, yoga, and language instruction will guide your child through each morning session. Instruction will be taught using full immersion in the target language(s) of your choice.

    With our comprehensive, varied curriculum, there’s no need to travel from place to place. “Two Terrific” combines the activities your child loves, all under one roof!