Our Program

  • "Two Terrific & Three Fantastic" Features:

  • The perfect combination of free play and structured activities.

    “Two Terrific & Three Fantastic” is a play-based preschool alternative that will develop the whole child—intellectually, emotionally, linguistically, and physically. We believe, with psychologist and educational theorist Jean Piaget, that “play is the work of childhood.” Our program, which combines free play with structured activities and routines, is the perfect way to prepare your child for preschool while also nurturing her innate curiosity and creativity.

    Your child will benefit from all the features of a typical American preschool, while also receiving the best language instruction from LWFC’s professional language teachers. She will have the chance to learn from her peers, her teachers, and enrichment instructors. This program will truly enrich your child’s daily life at home and outside of school.

    Early childhood professionals and experts in music, art, yoga, and language instruction will guide your child through each morning session. Instruction will be divided between English and the target language(s) of your choice.

    With our comprehensive, varied curriculum, there’s no need to travel from place to place. “Two Terrific & Three Fantastic” combines the activities your child loves, all under one roof!

  • A play-based curriculum consisting of age-appropriate activities:

    Your child will engage in stimulating activities, such as: (click each tab below to learn more)

    Children in this age group are capable of learning a new language at an incredible pace if the fundamentals are presented in the right way. That is precisely what happens in Language Workshop for Children (“LWFC”) preschools. Using the The Thibaut Technique®, your child will be prepared for the best schools in the city, as well as today’s globalized economy!

    Children in the 5 Day Program choose two languages, and children who attend the 2 or 3 Day Programs choose one language, from the following: French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

    Two Terrific language classes will open your child’s neurological pathways to the sounds of different languages before the age of 3; experts agree that this is an optimal time for children to learn new languages. Children in the Three Fantastic language classes will continue to build their vocabulary in the target language(s) and in English, while learning to create increasingly complex sentences in both languages and while gaining self-confidence.

    Classes for both groups will feature original music, vocabulary-building songs, and games, all facilitated by a native-fluent language teacher.

    All students will receive a complimentary DVD with a Professor Toto animation to help your child practice pronunciation at home, as well as access to the Professor Toto website. Professor Toto is a series of multi-award winning language education tools for young children. Animated DVDs, song-filled CDs, and colorful workbooks introduce a stimulating menagerie of characters who teach French, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. Youngsters watch and laugh with other students and a funny professor. They sing language-building songs and interact in lively classroom lessons. Best of all, because students are emotionally engaged and immersed in their new language, they really learn. Professor Toto is great for toddlers and preschoolers.

    Storytime at “Two Terrific & Three Fantastic” is specially geared towards fostering a love of literacy in your child, while also building vocabulary skills through singing! Our storytime incorporates a variety of books in order to appeal to all students.

    Classroom activities will promote letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and mastery of the alphabet, ensuring that your child is well on the way to becoming a strong reader. We incorporate a myriad of fun activities, including puppetry, dramatic play, and matching games, and students are exposed to a variety of books.

    Using fun and creative activities, we will help your child build a strong foundation in the mathematical concepts that are important for this age group, like counting, sorting, measuring, and learning shapes. Don’t be surprised if your child is looking for the “Shape of the Day” on the way home, or counting everything he or she encounters, from stair steps to the pretzels she’s snacking on.

    “Two Terrific & Three Fantastic” is, above all, a creative program! During Arts & Crafts, students experiment with a variety of different media, including paint and clay. Our Arts & Crafts activities will be aligned with our thematic units. During our “nature” unit, for example, our teaching artists and students will decorate the classroom like a forest, complete with paper trees, leaves, insects, and animals!

    Children in the Three Fantastic program will enjoy multi-step art projects from around the world. Your child will take pride in seeing his or her art displayed in the classroom, whether it be a zodiac wreath for Chinese new Year or Papel Cortado for Cinco de Mayo.

    We have partnered with Kids’ MusicRound to bring your child fun and engaging music programming! Kids’ MusicRound helps children to learn the basics of music literacy through singing, rhythmic chants, and the use of props and instruments. By imitating animals and engaging in other creative movements, students will also learn about beat, phrasing, and timing.

    Our yoga classes, taught by teachers who specialize in yoga for toddlers, will help your child improve his body awareness, motor coordination, flexibility, balance, and even his self-confidence. What’s more, your child’s imagination will be engaged as he balances like a tree or meows and moos during cat-cow pose.

    The Three Fantastic program includes science experiments to go along with our weekly thematic units. Your child will be filled with wonder as he/she learns how plants “drink” or about colors and textures by making super slippery slime.

    The Three Fantastic program will help your child develop a healthy appetite for cooking while also developing measuring and sequential thinking skills. Your child will become quite cosmopolitan as he/she prepares and samples international dishes like quesadillas, guacamole, and crêpes.